All in One

Pocket sized Office

Pre-order available on October 2021

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The first pocket sized modular office
Powered by the community

Snap and Go

stainless steel.

All Recycled materials

3 Colors

Track all our process
with a public blockchain

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Advanced Technology.

A perfect integration with our App.

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Italian Design

Frequently Asked Questions
Total Dimension

Diameter 88 mm/3,4 inches
Height: 90mm /3,5 inches

How does the community works

With SnapFIT application users can upvote community’ ideas and project, and once a month we will pick the one that received more thumbs up from the community and realize it as fast as possible.
Which are the benefits of this model?
From our side we have the pece of mind of knowing that what we build is useful and desired by the community
Community side
Basically you are the boss, you are the mind, we the executor


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Our technology

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